Stephen Geffre Photography

Life is a journey made of moments. As your photographer, it's my job to capture them. It requires patience, an open mind, and collaboration between the people in front and the person behind the camera. Whether I am shooting a wedding, a news story, or photos for fine art, the technique will always be a variation on a single theme: I want to find the transcendent in the routine.


There are so many compelling ways to tell a story, and I love the challenge of finding those universal moments in the context of a specific shoot. These moments are elusive and slippery, so I do my best to keep moving and shooting and to keep the spirit of the subject at the center of my frame. It's hard work finding the right way to let a story tell itself. But when it works, there's nothing more rewarding.


It's funny what a camera can do to a room full of human beings. People start sucking in their bellies, standing up straight, flashing that winning smileā€¦some just run and hide. So many of us have forgotten that we're compelling by our very nature. There's really no need to preen or posture (though you really should comb that hair; what would your mother think?).

When I do a photo session, I'll ask you a lot of questions. I want to get you relaxed and talking about the things you care about. Meanwhile, forget about the camera. It's not even here. Later on, I want to you to wonder how I got that shot at that moment. And I want you to be surprised at how great you look even though you weren't sucking in your belly or standing with perfect posture. Go ahead, be yourself. I won't tell mom. Trust me, she'll love the photos!


I also shoot wedding as well.