Stephen Geffre Photography

Life is a journey made of moments. As your photographer, it's my job to capture them. It requires patience, an open mind, and collaboration between the people in front and the person behind the camera. Whether I am shooting a wedding, a news story, or photos for fine art, the technique will always be a variation on a single theme: I want to find the transcendent in the routine.


It's not about your photographer. It's about your moments, your big day. So, I won't be at your wedding to direct traffic or force you to pose with your third cousin once removed. While the standard formal poses are important, I spend most of my time capturing the unique feeling of your wedding.

Once the formal shots are out of the way, I seek to become invisible. As everyone forgets about the camera, they begin to have the blast your wedding is meant to be. I'll be there to document it all, so go ahead and dance (and kiss) like nobody's watching!

When it's all said and done, you will receive a beautiful album (along with three mini-albums) that tells the story of your day, from blushing bridesmaids to dipping on the dance floor. You'll also receive DVDs with all wedding images along with complete rights allowing you to make unlimited prints.

Price: $3500 all day for weddings in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Travel expenses apply outside the metro. Engagement sitting included.